As soon as you recieve a fixed penalty notice, contact Tim Vickers on 07595 934 754 without delay

This offence starts off with the registered keeper of a motor vehicle being sent a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP).

In most cases (not all) this relates to an alleged speeding violation or traffic lights violation captured by a camera.

The notice requires information as to who the driver was at the time of an offence.

The law in respect of obligations to comply with an NIP is extremely complex. There are different obligations on keepers of motor vehicles and there are time limits in respect of service of documentation.

HOWEVER, there are defences to these allegations and we are regularly successful in these sorts of prosecutions. However the law in relation to them is a mine field and you need a Specialist Motoring Offence Lawyer such as Tim, to guide you through the process. It is especially important that you receive advice because the penalty for failing to furnish information are extremely harsh. A minimum of 6 points will be placed on your licence if you are found guilty.

As soon as you recieve an NIP phone Tim on 07595 934 754 without delay.

Penalty - 6 points and fine up to £1,000

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